"Don Charron with CASHFLOW RPM is an awesome realtor. He has help our family Rent, buy and sell 2 different properties. He has a meticulous eye for possible problems and would steer us away from properties rather than make a sale. He was familiar with what we were looking for and didn't waste our time looking at properties that didn't meet our needs. He also respected our price point and never tried to persuade us to buy out of our means. I trust Don. He is our and our extended families go to-guy. I highly recommend him."

Theresa Soto

"My experience working with Don Charron, first as my property manager and then as my real estate agent was excellent. Don is a consummate professional and he is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I always felt confident that I could trust and rely on his expertise and that my interests were well represented and being diligently overseen. Additionally, Don was always very available and responsive in his communications with me."

Robin Jung

"I strongly recommend Don Charron with CASHFLOW RPM as he represented me to lease out my Florida townhome and years later to sell my property. He was quick sending documents with explanations added. He always responded expeditiously and in a great professional manner. Don was attentive to my needs and a great advisor on the negotiations. He is enthusiastic, optimistic, calm, approachable, even-tempered, and always on top of the unexpected. Those are the qualities I needed from a real estate agent."

Dominique Ferguson

"Don Charron with CASHFLOW RPM has been our family's realtor for many years. I trust him explicitly and know he is looking out for our best interests. He is an outstanding negotiator - very methodical and presents multiple data sources to help us understand each transaction and feel confident about all decisions. I highly recommend him and would never use anyone else."

Jennifer Metz

"My wife and I met Don Charron in 2008 when we moved back to Seminole, Fl. Friends of ours referred us to Don after learning we were looking for a townhome to rent. After describing to Don what we were looking for, he quickly found a home for us in Seminole that met our needs. When we decided to purchase this townhome in 2011, we chose Don as our agent. Don and his team helped us again in 2013 with selling our townhome and buying our present home. We highly recommend Don and his team!"

George Rosenberger

"Don with CASHFLOW RPM is such a rare find! His honesty and integrity, knowledge, and tenacity show through his impeccable quality of service. He saved my family from buying a home with an undocumented sinkhole. He didn't have to pursue his suspicions during the inspection as they weren't concrete, but he went the extra mile to confirm with facts. Don gave up his commission to do the right thing. His moral compass is inspiring. Don always kept us informed every step of the process. His calming demeanor made a stressful time actually enjoyable! Don sets the bar so high, I could never be happy with any other Realtor!"

Leanne Campbell

"Don with CASHFLOW RPM has been doing a wonderful job managing my condo in Seminole, FL. I live in San Diego, CA and Don keeps on top of everything that needs to be done in order to keep the unit rented and the tenants happy. He is very professional and a pleasure to work with."

Alison Williams

"The most factual and honest agent we ever had the pleasure of hiring. He did not waste our time showing us homes not in our taste and price range and was on target with advice on the purchase we made. He also managed our home for a couple years as we rented it out until the market improved netting us a sizable profit in lieu of selling immediately at a loss. Win win for us! "

Nestor Soto

"I have worked with Don Charron at CASHFLOW RPM since 2010. All this time he has been very reliable, always followed up on his commitments, and most importantly he has always been very proactive. I would strongly recommend Don as a professional to do business with."

Pawel Molenda

"Working with Don Charron and CASHFLOW RPM has been a great experience. Don found a tenant for my Seminole townhome within just days of the listing date and secured a 24-month lease. He has been an excellent manager of the property, as he is responsive to service requests and always gets the job done. Don earns my highest recommendation, he is a true professional."

Andrew Herman

"Don worked with me through a complex rental property. He was always accessible and went above and beyond in getting the unit rented and eventually sold. It's difficult to find a real estate agent with this type of integrity. I highly recommend him."

Sarah Gold

"Don Charron with CASHFLOW RPM helped find us a place to live in a very short time frame. We are extremely happy with the place we are in and highly recommend his knowledgeable and friendly service . Thanks Don, Sincerely Jacob H."